Teachers Tools

bullet Read Write Think
  The nonprofit Web site ReadWriteThink provides free lessons plans, interactive student materials, and Web resources, all based on English language arts standards devised by site cosponsors the International Reading Association and the National Council of Teachers of English
bullet Readers Theater Scripts
bullet Gamequarium
  Educational Games
bullet Starfall
  Starfall is a creative website designed to teach children to read. The interactive books available here have sound – so please turn your speakers on. Teacher may request free writing journals for classroom use that reinforce the sequential phonics lessons of each interactive book. 
bullet Seussville
  Official site of Dr. Seuss and the Cat in the Hat featuring games, printable activities...
bullet ABCYA
  Children's educational computer games- created or approved by certified school teachers.
bullet Spelling City
  Spelling & Vocabulary Games
bullet Bookhive 
  Explore great lists of books to read, create your own reading list, Students may listen to a story, make book plates, do word mazes, puzzles, and other activities.
bullet Book PALS Storyline Online
  Watch video files of favorite books read by famous actors. Each book offers an accompanying lesson plan and activity guide.
bullet Create A Graph
  Create bar, line, area, or pie graphs online!  You submit the data and the website does the rest! 
bullet Children’s Books Online
  Go back in time and enjoy the text and illustrations of thousands of antique or classic books like Peter Rabbit and Mother Goose. These books are presented in several languages.

Children’s Picture Book Database  

  Design literature-based thematic units for all disciplines preK-grade3 
bullet Kidsreads
  Read all about it!  Learn interesting things about your favorite books, series and authors as well as the newest, greatest books.  Read interviews with your favorite authors and do fun activities.
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bullet Iowa State Insect Zoo
  This site contains a live, interactive camera that allows students to view the insects at the Insect Zoo.  It also provides information about the insects.  Teachers can use this site to set up a tour by an entomologist. 
bullet The Great Plant Escape
  Students can help Detective Leplant and his partners investigate plant mysteries including cases about soil, plant growth, seeds, and reproduction.
bullet Creature Feature
  From National Geographic, audio and video clips help students learn about featured animals.
bullet Entomology Image Gallery
  Students can view images and movies of beetles, ticks, lice, and lots of other creepy crawling insects.
bullet The Astronomy Workshop
  Students can view a multitude of Java programs that creates a solar system, view the moons and their orbits around their planets, and learn about astronomical distances. 
bullet Planet Impact
  Discover the fierce force of gravity and pelt poor Jupiter with a comet! 
bullet Solar System Training Cards
  Students will collect solar system trading cards by playing an interactive card game. They will identify the sun, planets, comets, and asteroids by answering questions about them. Students will learn facts about the solar system presented with amazing pictures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and various NASA missions.
bullet Funology
  At Funology find fun facts, experiments, crafts, recipes, magic tricks, jokes, and a whole lot more
bullet Earth and Moon Viewer
  View a map of the Earth showing the actual day and night regions at this moment. You can also view it as currently seen from the Sun, Moon, orbiting satellite, or from above a variety of cities.
bullet Hurricane Storm Science
  Interactive activities related to weather instruments and storms. 
Meet An Author
  Choose from classical or current authors and learn more about them at this website. 
bullet Aesop's Fables
  Traditional and modern fables Illustrated and retold by art students at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
bullet National Geographic's Xpeditions
  Check out this interactive "museum" that will take on geography journeys.  Come in and visit an archeological dig or climb a mountain. This site includes lesson plans, games, maps, activities and more.
bullet Fun Brain

This site contains a variety of edu-taining activities covering areas of math, language arts, social studies, and science. 

Internet Safety
bullet Privacy Playgound:
  Interactive game teachers can use to teach children Internet safety with a printable teacher's guide.
bullet NetSmartzKids.org
  Teach Kids Internet Safety
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