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How to select a good book: Some really great tips for choosing a good book.
5fingerFive Finger Test : A simple way to check if the reading level is appropropriate for the reader

Library Policies


Unity Elementary school libraries provide materials to promote the love of reading and to support the classroom research projects.  Resources are provided to staff in the form of print, non-print, and electronic materials.  Students may research topics using the Encyclopedias, books, electronic resources on the computers, as well as type papers using Microsoft Office.


Students visit the library on both a scheduled and independent basis for instruction, research, and book checkout. Each class has a regular weekly time slot for book exchange.   Individual students may come during the day with teacher permission.

Number of books students may check out at any one time:
Knd-2nd Grades = One book. __ 3rd-5th Grades = Two books. TTwo books.

However, a book may be returned at anytime so that a new book may be checked out.  Students may renew the same book Four times (especially chapter books.)  Teachers may checkout many books.  Books are checked out for one week at a time.  A late book means no checkout until it is returned.

Damaged and lost book policy:

Accidents do and will happen. Most children are responsible, but if a book becomes accidentally damaged, we stress the responsibility to report and (if necessary) to replace the cost of a book which gets damaged while in students' care.

If a book page accidentally rips, please do not attempt to repair it at home. We use special book tapes and glue, which resist heat and won't discolor.  Please return the book with a note and we will repair it.

If a book is lost or becomes damaged beyond use, you will be billed for the replacement cost.   If this is the case, please return the book with a note asking for the replacement cost, so that your child may continue to borrow books.  If you pay for a lost book, yet its later found, we cannot refund your money.  However, you may keep the book.

Student Selection:

Students are free to select books about various topics of interest to them. I.e. If a Kindergartner wishes to learn about snakes or dinosaurs, I will attempt to guide him/her to a book on an appropriate level for a parent to read to  him/her. Usually our Kindergarten and First grade students are encouraged to make selections from the Easy section, so that they select books on their interest level as well as books they may try to read on their own.. Students in first or second grade are encouraged to take a book they can read independently by using the Five Finger Test for selecting books.

We spend time exploring books by various authors and illustrators. Students are also taught to look for the first 3 letters of the authors last name (Call Number) on the spine of Easy readers.

If your child selects a book which they do not like, or one which you do not like, or feel is inappropriate, please return the book the next day and select another one.

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