e-book Instructions

1. Download the Overdrive app.

2. Open the app and then click on Bookshelf.

3. Click Add a title and this will take you to My Media Mall.

4. Click Sign in in the upper right hand corner.

5. Select your library as Illinois Heartland Library System.

6. Enter your library barcode, all fourteen numbers.

7. Enter your pin. This is the last four numbers of your barcode.

8. Find a book you want to check out. Clicking on Children Fiction or Nonfiction will limit your choices to K-5 books. You can also limit it to what is currently available.

9. A book icon in the upper right corner means this selection is text. The headphone icon means this is an audiobook.

10. Once you find a book you want, click Borrow and then go to Check-outs. Click Add to app, and the book will go to the Overdrive app.

11. Books check out for two weeks and will disappear after that time. They are renewable if no one else is waiting for the books. You can return books earlier, too.

12. Students and Teachers may check out 5 e-books at a time. (e-books do not count as having regular library books checked out on student library card accounts.)